What is Workers Compensation? What are the Types of the Benefits Involved?

If you are injured while on the job, the workmans comp in California bestows you with many advantages. They entail the medical bill payments, compensation when you are unable to work, permanent partial disability benefits, vocational rehab or complete disability benefits. Your workers’ compensation insurance is totally liable to pay you for these benefits. Injuries usually covered by workers’ compensation include:

  1. Traumatic physical injuries
  2. Repeated trauma injuries
  3. Traumatic physical injuries
  4. Mental injuries
  5. Occupational diseases

When injured on the job

When injured on the job, notify your employer as soon as possible. Deadlines tend to vary from place to place and you don’t want to limit your benefits if you wait to keep your employer informed. Also, get to know the name of the workman’s compensation insurance carrier. Seek medical treatment and apply for workman’s compensation if you know the name of the insurance company. Seek immediate treatment or medicine for your injury. Ensure to inform the doctor that the injury took place while on the job only. Once you have been treated, consult a workman’s compensation lawyer to guide you through the entire process. After the treatment, notify the employer formally in writing before the deadline passes away, or you won’t be entitled to the benefits.

What are the types of Workman’s Compensation Benefits?

These laws tend to vary from place to place. A workers’ compensation attorney in your specified area will delineate you the application process and the benefits associated. The latter tend to vary as well. Workers injured on the job no matter if it was your employer’s fault or not, are entitled to the benefits like:

  1. Medical care
  2. Permanent or temporary disability advantages to partially replicate the lost wages
  3. Vocational rehab
  4. Educational support
  5. Death benefits

If you get entitled to workers’ compensation during an injury, by no means you get to sue your employer for extra compensation associated with your injury. But, you are liable to file a lawsuit against others if they are involved in it. For instance, if you get injured in a vehicle accident while you are at work and it was driver’s fault, you can sue the driver instead. Or if the machinery and equipment is defective, you can sue the machine manufacturer. Your workers’ comp lawyer will guide you in the entire process.

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