What is an injury claim and when might you need a solicitor?

A personal injury claim is a legal process used to recover financial compensation for anyone who has suffered a personal injury. A personal injury can be any physical or psychological injury or illness that has occurred as the result of an accident or event that wasn’t the injured party’s fault.

“Personal injury” covers a broad range of injuries and accidents; including diseases and death. You may have suffered a personal injury for any number of reasons, including traffic accidents, accidents at work or in public places, slips, trips, and falls, defective products, an assault, and even medical negligence.

Any personal injury is a serious matter. Depending on the severity of the injury you’ve suffered, it has the potential to be life changing. A personal injury can often involve loss of income, medical expenses, and a decline in the injured party’s quality of life. When it becomes apparent a personal injury has caused a change in the injured party’s life, a solicitor can get involved very quickly.

Why you would need a solicitor

A solicitor, namely a “Personal Injury Specialist” is an individual that has experience in the field of personal injuries, who you would call upon once you believe you need to make a claim.

Personal Injury Specialists are dedicated to your claim. They are trained to give the best advice in any situation and are completely on your side; they don’t act on behalf of insurance companies, or in defence of personal injury claims. This type of solicitor is someone that you can talk to about what happened, and what will happen next.

Their goal is to be a supportive force. They’ll be there with you through your recovery, with an aim to ensure that you make it out to other side as healthy as you can be.

When your case involves complex legal issues, severe or life-changing injuries, compensation, or expensive medical bills, a Personal Injury Solicitor will have the experience and training needed to properly assist you with your case. Sometimes, having a solicitor representing you for a personal injury will be enough to push a company to give you compensation once you start making a claim – this is because legal processes can lag and become expensive and time-consuming for the company in question.

What to tell your specialist

When you hire a Personal Injury Solicitor, it’s always best to include as much detail about the injury and the event that caused.

You should never withhold information – this has the potential to hinder a personal injury claim. Always seek legal advice to ensure that you’re getting the proper compensation for your injury, and that you’ve been given the correct amount from your insurance. A solicitor is the only person who can effectively seek compensation for you.

By hiring a Personal Injury Solicitor to help you with your personal injury claim, you’re showing that you’re serious about the case, and that the accident that caused injury to your person was enough to warrant you seeking out and hiring someone to defend your claim.

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