Times When Property Lawyers Can Be Helpful

If you’re in the process of buying a house, it’slikely thatyou’re buying through a real estate agent. However,it’s important not to solely rely on real estate agents, as they’re often working in the best interests of the seller.Fortunately, you can hire a property lawyerto handle the transaction and ensure it’s carried out fairly. There are many circumstances whereit can be good to have a property lawyer by your side. After all, cases involving property are very sensitive, and going ahead without a lawyer can cause you big losses. Read on to learn how property lawyers can help you.

Purchasing Your First House

When buying a home for the first time, you’ll be faced with a lot of information, countless forms to fill out, and plenty of jargon you may not be familiar with. Facing all this on your own can make the buying process more difficult and put your hard earned cash at risk. Furthermore, you could end up agreeing to terms with implications that won’t benefit you in the long run. With a trusted property lawyer on your side, you’ll be able to understand all the terms of the deal you’re getting into so you won’t be exploited.

Dispute Between a Buyer and Seller

Problems can often arise after a purchase of aproperty. These problems are usually related to the terms of the contract, such as a misunderstanding of the terms or a breach. Perhaps the seller got a better deal elsewhere and wants to renege on the contract, or maybe they’re demanding more money. Under such circumstances, property lawyers can help enforce the contract according to the law.

A Dispute Involving the Title Deed

Sometimes disputes can arise with the title deed to a house. An example is when a couple who once lived together get divorced. One of the parties may be given the house as part of the divorce, but the name of the other party remains on the deed unless the proper steps are taken. Property lawyers can help you remove the name of the other spouse on the deed. In the case of inherited property, a property lawyer can negotiate terms to ensure the sale of the house proceeds without any title issues.

Purchasing Foreclosed Property

Foreclosed property is attractive for those who want to save money and use the house as an investment. However, purchasing foreclosed property can be tricky. A property lawyercan walk you through the process of buying foreclosed property to help you avoid common pitfalls.

Contaminated Land

There are a number of ways in which land can be contaminated, including:

  • Blocked drainage
  • Leakage from containers
  • Harm to plants
  • Harm to wildlife
  • Slush pits and mud pits

Most of these contaminators are caused by external forces. For example, an oil company may contaminate your plants or soil by pouring their waste products on your land. Fortunately, property lawyers can help you seek justice against the wrongdoer.

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