How to extend your F1 status while waiting for h1b results

Don’t forget one thing during this time, especially for F1 students, remember to extend your F1 status so that you can legally stay in the US while waiting for the h1b results. Generally speaking, if you take the h1b visa(Also Known as h1b签证, the Immigration Department will automatically update your SEVIS record, your identity will be automatically extended, but just in case, we still need to take the initiative to inform the school’s International Student Office to complete. If you are facing h1b rfe, do not forget to consult immigration lawyer (Also known as 移民律师)

 How to extend your F1 status while waiting for h1b results (each school needs different materials, but the basic situation is as follows)

  1. Take the post office Receipt that you delivered the parcel to the school’s International Student Office.
  1. If you don’t have Receipt, you can also submit a backup of your application for h1b at the time to prove that you applied for h1b this year.
  1. After the approval of the International Student Office, you will first extend your status to June 1.
  1. If you take H-1B, you will receive the Receipt of the Immigration Bureau, which has your Case number. Please provide the information of this receipt to the International Student Office of the school for the second extension.
  1. The second identity extension will continue until September 30, before your H-1B is approved. However, since most of the h1b in the past two years can no longer be approved on October 1, it is recommended that everyone be insured. Since October 1st, H-1B has not been obtained. It is best to stop working or even leave the country.
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